This Week Recap

This week ended up being another record-breaking week for this blog!

264 views, 110 visitors, 15 likes, and 25 comments. Wow. (I think I know why, too. It probably has to do with Mystic Messenger populating my top 3 most visited this week.

This will probably be the last week this constant growth will happen since there are some job obligations I need to be attending to that will suck up lots of time. As a result! I won’t be doing weekly single episode reviews so that I can focus on more unique and fuller posts.

New Stuff

[Analysis] Mystic Messenger, Interfaces, and User Experience – This week’s featured post! Designated as such because it has to do with one of my career-related passions and it was really fun to write. If you’re interested in more specific details about why a design works or doesn’t, as well as if you’re interested in game design, this post is a must-read!

Let’s Talk About: Pokèmon GO, T-mobile, and Net Neutrality – Much more political than something I would usually write, an opinion piece about Net Neutrality and T-mobile’s Pokemon GO unlimited data offer. If anything, I hope it offers a bit of a counterpoint that wasn’t talked about too much.

[Review] Mystic Messenger – Overall and Spoiler Free – I promised it, and I delivered – a general purpose spoiler-free review of Mystic Messenger as a whole.

Next Week–!?

It’s shaping up to be a busy week! I will aim to finish the Saya no Uta review that won last week’s poll and outline some other reviews in the pipeline.

For this week’s user feedback, I got the idea to do a round-table discussion with one or two friends. Format might include original audio plus written transcription of important parts of the talk. Is this something you may be interested in reading?

Thank you in advance for your responses to this post!